Establishing Paternity In Georgia

There are a couple of different ways to establish paternity and legitimation in Georgia. While one is more straightforward, both require the able assistance of a reputable and experienced attorney. At The Bruner Law Firm in Atlanta, the establishment of paternity and legitimation is just the first step in the matter. Often the custody, parenting time and visitation issues follow and are more contested.

I have handled paternity actions and understand the legitimization process. I am also adept at working through custody disputes and visitation issues.

The Process For Paternity/Legitimation

In Georgia, there are two processes for establishing paternity and legitimation. One is administrative and the other is judicial.

The administrative process is the easier alternative and requires some evidence of paternity — such as the father's name on the birth certificate — and an administrative acknowledgment of paternity.

The court process, or judicial process, is more complicated. In the court process only the father may petition the court for legitimation. The father can also petition the court for visitation, custody or parenting time. Genetic testing may be required if the paternity is contested.

You Should Have Experience On Your Side

Establishing paternity or challenging paternity is just the first step in what may be a drawn-out process to determine custody and parenting time disputes. It is important to have an experienced attorney to counsel you through this difficult process. I can offer alternatives to court, such as mediation, which may reduce your legal fees and expenses.

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