Stepparent Adoption & TPR

If you have a child and are remarried you may want to pursue a stepparent adoption with your new spouse. If so, you must proceed with terminating parental rights of the other parent before that can occur.

In order for a stepparent adoption to proceed in Georgia, you first need to determine if you can proceed with a termination of parental rights (TPR) case. There are certain requirements to pursue and succeed in a TPR case. The parent may agree to voluntarily terminate their rights. If they do not, then you need to pursue an involuntary TPR.

Stepparent Adoption

Once the TPR is completed, the stepparent adoption may proceed. This is a separate proceeding, but the TPR will need to be verified by the adoption court. A stepparent adoption proceeds like most adoptions, with similar requirements. The process usually takes about three to six months depending on the circumstances and the county.

Compassionate And Understanding Attorney

If the parties can agree on a TPR and a stepparent adoption, then these cases can be quite a positive experience. If, however, the court needs to be involved, then it can be a very stressful matter to deal with.

As with any family law matter, I understand the importance of patience and empathy for the parents and the children. Usually everyone is working toward a positive result for the children and doing what they believe is in their best interests. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case and that can be emotionally trying.

As an experienced lawyer, I can ease your mind about the process by sharing my expectations as the case continues.

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