Understanding Property Division In Georgia

There is much more to a divorce than two people going their separate ways. Once people decide to divorce, the court will be involved in making sure all of the details are equitable, including the division of assets. This can be a contentious aspect of any divorce, so it is important to work with an experienced lawyer to help you streamline the process and get the best results possible.

At The Bruner Law Firm in Atlanta, I can help you through the division of assets in divorce. As a private business owner for more than 30 years before becoming an attorney, I know what it's like to have to hire a lawyer. I want to break down those barriers by providing sound legal counsel in a comfortable atmosphere and a language you understand, with reasonable fees.

Dividing Assets — What Is Equitable?

Georgia is an equitable distribution state. Instead of trying to split assets exactly down the middle, the court is more concerned with a distribution of wealth that is equitable for both parties, all things considered. While this gives the court more room for creativity in the split, it can make the negotiations significantly more complicated.

I help clients obtain favorable results in division of all types of property, including:

  • Real property — including primary dwellings, vacation homes and investment properties
  • Personal property — including automobiles, boats and collectibles
  • Retirement and savings accounts — including 401(k)s, traditional IRAs, self-directed IRAs, Roth IRAs, other IRAs, life insurance policies and other investments
  • Division of business ownership interests, including business valuation and income determination
  • Inheritances
  • Bank accounts

Whenever possible, I work with my clients and the opposing party's lawyer to find a way to resolve property disputes outside of the courtroom. Dividing property can be extremely time-consuming — not to mention expensive and contentious — when handled in the courts. Resolving matters outside of court can save my clients significant time, money and stress, while often resulting in more favorable outcomes.

Do You Need Help Settling A Dispute Over Property Division?

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