Determining The Value Of Your Business

With over 30 years as a business owner and because of my experience as a family law lawyer, I understand the unique issues involved with business owners and divorce. I get the importance of obtaining a solid business valuation, income determination (and avoiding a "double dip") and pursuing any fraud or alleged hiding of assets.

The Importance Of A Business Valuation

Often the most contentious issue a couple will fight over is the business value. A business valuation is usually necessary. A valuation is performed by an expert business evaluator. As an experienced attorney, I have a list of qualified business valuation experts who I can recommend.

A business appraiser may have expertise in valuing a company for divorces or may have expertise in that field of business. Some have expertise in small businesses and others expertise in larger corporations. Appraisers can apply different valuation methods as well. I work hard to help clients choose the correct appraiser for their individual needs.

Issues In Divorces With Business Owners

Some of the issues that come up in divorces with business owners include:

  • Family-owned business
  • Goodwill, personal and other
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Business valuation method
  • Fraud, usually by concealing or transferring assets
  • "Double dipping" — as it affects income determination for spousal support
  • Nonmarital interests

If you are a business owner, have a spouse who owns a business or have a business interest and are going through a divorce, then you need expert counsel and advice.

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