Experienced Representation For Alimony And Spousal Support Issues

Spousal support/spousal maintenance, or alimony, is a significant aspect of any divorce. While many people try to handle these matters on their own to save on the costs of attorney fees, this is rarely a good idea. Without experienced legal counsel, there is the chance that, if handled improperly, certain mistakes could end up costing you far more than legal fees.

I can help you through the process of determining spousal support during divorce. I represent Atlanta wives and husbands in spousal support/alimony matters, with a commitment to providing sound counsel and representation in the most efficient manner possible. As your lawyer, I will give you personalized service marked by communication and counsel throughout the process.

What Are The Statutory Guidelines For Spousal Support?

Similar to child support, Georgia has statutory guidelines for determining spousal support. A court considers various factors when reaching a support determination. The court will use your financial records to base its final spousal support decision on the guidelines provided, but there is often room for deviation if there are circumstances to merit it. A deviation could result in lower or higher support awards or lump-sum payments instead of regular monthly contributions. I work with clients and the courts to obtain favorable results whenever possible. Choosing traditional alimony payments or lump-sum payments can have significant tax consequences that need to be considered.

Efficient, Amicable Solutions For Spousal Support Matters

I am committed to providing my clients with the most efficient, simplest solutions to their divorce-related disputes. An important aspect of this commitment comes in the form of negotiation and mediation. While some attorneys will solve their clients' matters only in litigation, the fact is that it's a time-consuming, combative and expensive way to solve problems. I use negotiation, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods to avoid litigation. This saves a great deal of time, stress and financial commitment for my clients.

Of course, amicable dispute resolution of this kind requires both parties' willing involvement and commitment to the process. In some cases, this is simply not possible. When a case cannot be handled outside of litigation, I represent my clients' interests aggressively in the courtroom.

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