Client Reviews

Mr. Bruner is a perfect example of what an attorney should be. I must say that my recent experience with him has not only enlightened me on legal matters but has drawn my interest in the direction of studying law. I had worked with a very lazy, incompetent and irresponsible attorney who drowned me financially and basically threw me to the wolves. As the petitioner, I was in a fight of my life with my attorney who couldn't do nothing for me. As I cried out for help, another out of state attorney recommended Mr. Bruner. Right from day one, I knew he was God sent. He is very professional, knowledgeable, affordable, friendly and approachable, and to my astonishment, he comes to you at home, office or anywhere that is convenient for his client. He is not the kind of attorney who operates and practice from the Towers and charges the clients all kinds of money. He comes to you and takes his time to listen, understand and offer adequate advice and then educates you on the matter. This education goes on throughout the duration of the case and by the time he is done with you, going to law school is no more an option. He responds to phone calls and emails in a supper timely manner. As complicated as my case was, he was able to reduce my child support and redirected the case in my favor. I have not smiled for over a year since the battle began until Mr. Bruner came to my rescue. I strongly recommend this attorney to anyone. I am very happy and satisfied with his representation! Thanks a lot Mr. Bruner!

- Osa

Attorney Bruner was very patient when I called him with my situation. I was in tears while asking for help to escape/divorce a man who was not only verbally & physically abusing me, but threatening to kill me. He listened patiently & met with me ASAP to proceed, as we were soon to find out that the man I married was also a malignant narcissist & con artist. He has experience with these situations & worse & makes a point of understanding while helping you to help yourself. I highly recommend attorney Bruner, especially if you are truly the honest & truthful person in the situation no matter which side you represent. The truth is very important to him in any case & he makes that very obvious.

- Donna

Mr. Bruner was an amazing lawyer. I asked him to help me with a TPO case that was in two days and to come in so late in the game and help me win my case was absolutely amazing. He helped me calm down and helped me to get a better understanding of what I was getting myself into. To be honest I am not the best public speaker but working with him I turned out amazing.

Thank you again Mr. Bruner. I will forever be grateful and will definitely work with you again if needed.

- Jasmine

A great lawyer! Attorney Bruner filed a motion to change my custody agreement. He was very helpful in determining what was realistic. He talked to me like a person and really helped me understand the process. The outcome what better than I expected. I wish he had represented me in the divorce!

- John

Fierce advocacy squarely rooted in skill. To be frank, I did not think that people like Sam Bruner still existed. When we think of the people who protect our families from harm, we tend to think of occupations like firefighting and nursing. Sam Bruner resurrected my respect and awe for what the law was meant to be, at a time when the legal profession is devoid of ideals.

Sam became a lawyer later in life, and therefore has the passion of a young lawyer without the starry-eyed idealism, and the wisdom of an older lawyer without the burnout. Sam is whip-smart, deeply sensitive, but is no-nonsense when it comes to what needs to be done. Sam also possesses an impressive network of veteran lawyers with varying expertise he calls upon in the legal community.

Even lawyers who were listed as sensitive to the LGBT community did not express interest or optimism in "the case" because it involved the dissolution of same-sex marriages not legally protected in the state of Georgia. My young daughter is in and out of the hospital, and Sam immediately focused on the difficulties my little girl stood to face without proper protection, rather than focusing on the complexities he might encounter in navigating in this murkier arena of family law.

Sam and I have shared many cups of coffee at my kitchen table the six months he's represented me, and he has been consistently compassionate, while educating me on the surprising subtleties of law. My entire family has gotten to know Sam, and he has uplifted us all.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Sam is that he cares about the truth. He came to my daughter's birthday party to be sure that he was representing someone who was honorable as a parent. It feels great to have someone who is so knowledgeable and kind in our corner.

If you need an effective lawyer who has an extraordinary mind and a kind heart, Sam Bruner is the person you want representing you. His work ethic is unsurpassed, and you will not find a more dedicated person who is warm, professional, and caring to kids and to animals.

- Laura

Excellent representation. Mr. Bruner is representing me in a child support modification case where it was necessary for motions to be filed. After the initial consultation, he expeditiously prepared and filed this motion on my behalf. During the preparation process, Mr. Bruner was very thorough and kept me informed. So far he has provided excellent representation. This case has not come up yet so I will update this review upon a final disposition.

- Mikel