Creating An Effective Parenting Plan

Creating a good visitation or parenting plan is important to your custody case. An experienced attorney can help walk you through all the various problems that may arise so that you can develop strategies for addressing them. When you have a good parenting time plan, there is less room for interpretation and disagreement.

Important Factors To Consider While Developing Your Parenting Time Schedule

At The Bruner Law Firm in Atlanta, clients work with me directly to develop a solid parenting agreement. Some of the issues we consider include the following:

  • Regular visitation schedule: This schedule covers where the children are on a daily basis during regular parenting time other than summer, holiday or vacation parenting time. This may be determined on a weekly or biweekly rotation or some other rotation that makes sense for your family.
  • Holiday visitation schedule: This option outlines the important holidays for both parents and summarizes where the children will be on a given holiday. Often holidays rotate between parents and may be determined on an every other year rotation. As an example, one consideration may be to decide whether the Memorial Day holiday is a weekend or just the Monday of the holiday.
  • Summer visitation schedule: Some parties want to modify the parenting time that occurs during the summer. This may work if more parenting time during the school week isn't feasible during the school year or if one parent has more summer flexibility as part of work.

I can assist you with other considerations such as drop-off and pickup times, location of drop-offs and pickups, authority of individuals to provide care when the on-duty parent cannot, rights of first refusal for care, sick days from school, phone and email access to the children when off duty and other parenting time issues.

Why Is A Parenting Plan Important?

Parents can create a parenting plan to resolve the custody and visitation dispute. The parenting plan will outline the visitation schedule as well as legal and physical custody determinations and shared parenting authority for the parents. It contains a dispute resolution mechanism as well so that if there is a problem, the parties can seek out dispute resolution alternatives.

All of these considerations are important and can make the difference between having a dispute later or not. I have the experience to walk you through potential pitfalls so that we can develop a plan to eliminate stress going forward.

Get Started On Your Parenting Plan Today

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