Helping Families Resolve Child Support Disputes

If you are facing a child support dispute, at The Bruner Law Firm, I can help you. As an Atlanta family law attorney, I help clients through every step of the child support process, emphasizing negotiation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and amicable methods whenever possible. As a solo attorney, I keep my overhead low to provide exceptional representation for my clients at the best price possible.

Georgia Child Support Guidelines

Georgia, like many states, has statutory guidelines to help judges make equitable determinations of appropriate levels of child support based on income and expenses, the needs of the children and other factors. Georgia's child support guidelines are helpful for clients to get a pretty close estimate as to the amount they will have to pay or will receive in their divorce or custody cases.

I help clients in the Atlanta area with a range of child support representation services, including:

  • Child support determinations: With the child support guidelines, I can look at your financial information and help you determine the approximate child support award and any deviations that might be appropriate.
  • Deviations from child support recommendations: Although the child support guidelines are very clear, there are many situations in which a change might be appropriate. Extraordinary expenses, children with special needs and changes in income are just a few examples that could justify changes from the child support guideline recommendations.
  • Alternative child support disputes: I provide child support representation for couples of all sorts. In addition to representing traditional married couples in their child support and other divorce-related matters, I represent clients from the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, helping clients with the unique issues that arise from child support disputes pursuant to domestic relations decrees.
  • Post-divorce support modifications: There are various reasons why you may need to modify an existing support agreement. I often assist parents with post-decree support and custody modifications.

While many people try to find do-it-yourself solutions in their child support cases to avoid the costs of legal representation, this is not always a smart idea. There is a lot of money at stake, over a potentially long period of time, and the process itself can become quite complicated. There are complex financial affidavits, calculations and deviations — situations when you really need a lawyer to walk you through the process. I can help you.

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