Compassionate Custody And Visitation Counsel

Facing a divorce where children are involved can be extremely stressful. Where will the children live and grow up? Will they be in a safe, nurturing environment? Will you get to spend enough time with your children? Is there any way to protect my children's future without paying too much for legal counsel? These are common questions for parents facing a divorce with children involved.

As a child custody attorney, I understand the challenges you are facing and the importance of protecting your relationship with your children following divorce. During more than 30 years as a business owner, I had to obtain legal counsel on many occasions, so I understand how important it is to avoid extremely high legal fees.

At The Bruner Law Firm, I give my clients the same quality legal services as more expensive high-profile firms do, but without the burdensome fees. As a solo practitioner, I keep my overhead low to help my clients save, and I give my clients uniquely personalized legal service and the attention their cases require.

Child Custody And Visitation ∙ Parenting Plans

In Georgia, custody and visitation agreements are generally established through joint parenting plans. When the relationship between the parents is amicable, they can work out their own parenting plans. Otherwise, these issues will need to be litigated as part of the divorce or paternity/custody proceedings. I work with clients to determine their goals and the best approach for establishing their parenting plans.

Even when the divorce or other custody matter is amicable and the parties can agree upon the details of a parenting plan, the court will need to approve your agreement before it is valid, and there are numerous potential pitfalls and problems that you won't recognize without legal experience. It is important to work with an experienced custody lawyer. Whether you are negotiating the terms of your parenting plan outside of the courtroom or litigating the details, I can protect your interests and help establish a parenting plan that will be best for you and your children.

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