Using Alternative Dispute Resolution To Settle Family Legal Issues

In Atlanta, most family law cases settle outside of the court process. A significant number of cases are resolved because of a custody or divorce alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process. ADR may include negotiation and mediation.

The Negotiation Process

In negotiation, the parties may negotiate directly with one another. The parties' attorneys may negotiate on behalf of their clients. Sometimes the attorneys and the parties sit down together to negotiate directly.

In my years of experience as a business owner, I have honed the art of negotiation. I find that many lawyers are not actually very good at negotiating. I pride myself at being adept at finding solutions and creative options for clients. I do believe that attorneys with a business background are better equipped for ADR.

The Mediation Process

If you are unable to resolve your dispute through negotiation, an alternative route is mediation. In mediation, a third party serves as a neutral or a mediator. The mediator might be a therapist, a CPA or another family law attorney depending on the circumstances of your case and the issues to mediate. The mediator's job is to facilitate an agreement between the parties.

A Cost-Effective Legal Solution

Both negotiation and mediation are more cost-effective options to going to court and to trial. Even if you can resolve all issues but one, you are still better off reaching an agreement on some of the issues and trying the rest. ADR can save you money as well as stress. Court proceedings are intimidating and emotionally draining. You are better off to reach a resolution without a trial.

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